Pest Control

Your Carpet Guy also owns and operates Twizel Pest Control. Following the New Zealand legal requirements, our technician is fully trained and qualified to perform pest control services, having completed the New Zealand Certificate in Pest Operations.

Our technician is able to service everything from residential properties to commercial and farm buildings. We specialise in Integrated Pest Management, which means the technician will assess your pest problem, discuss your needs and deliver a tailored solution for the specific type of pest and/or infestation. This ensures that there is prevention of pests, suppression of pests and where needed eradication of pests.

We offer a two-year wrap around service for spider-proofing in the wider South Canterbury/Otago region, and would love to discuss the options around this with you. Further to this, we offer a call-out service for wasp nests eradication, alongside being able to deal with unwanted pests such as bed bugs, ants, fleas, flies, cockroaches, silverfish, and rodents.


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