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High-quality professional cleaning is about three things:

  1. 1. Understanding the material being cleaned.
  2. 2. Using the right tools and products to do the job.
  3. 3. Working with a professional who has the knowledge and experience to deliver the correct solution in each situation.

We take pride in doing the job right, every time. We don’t rush or cut corners. Instead, each job is carefully assessed and completed using our multi-step process that’s designed and proven to deliver the best possible result.

If you have any queries or concerns around your cleaning project, call us. We would love to discuss it, and our process, with you.

Step #1 — Fibre Testing

An extremely important first step, which many other cleaners skip to save time and cut corners. To know the best way to clean your carpet, it’s crucial to know what type of material you’re dealing with and how to treat the particular fibres. If you’re not certain, we’ll conduct fibre testing on site.

Step #2 — Pre-Vacuum

Any dry dirt and soiling left on the carpet will become far more difficult to remove once affected by the later steps of wet treatment. A deep pre-treatment vacuum using our quality commercial vacuum equipment ensures the best result for your carpet service.

Step #3 — Pre-Treat Stains

Effective stain removal requires pre-treatment with the appropriate cleaning agent for your type of carpet. Our expertise allows us to determine the exact formulation that will work best for your carpet material and types of stains, residue or marks.

Step #4 — Agitate to Eliminate Stains

Without proper agitation and the use of correct cleaning agents, stains and marks can be difficult or impossible to remove. The agitation process helps to break the chemical bond between dirt and fiber. It also helps cleaning agents to permeate.

Step #5 — Encapsulated Extraction

As the cleaning compound in the cleaning agent is absorbed, it crystallises around – or encapsulates – dirt in the carpet. We then use our extraction equipment to remove the dirt from the carpet fibres. This method of cleaning allows us to clean carpets with less wetting, which results in shorter drying times and is gentler on the carpet material.

Step #6 — Rinsing Done Right

Some cleaning jobs require rinsing, while others do not. The trick is knowing which process is required for your surface. On some materials, rinsing can leave behind a high pH and cause it to look dirty again more quickly. In most cases we use cleaning agents that neutralise themselves and don’t require special rinsing.

Step #7 — Grooming

After deep cleaning, the best result for your carpet is achieved with a careful after-clean grooming using specially-designed brushes and rakes. This restores loft to the carpet pile and creates an attractive, brand-new carpet finish.

Step #8 — Drying

Your Carpet Guy’s commercial grade carpet and floor dryers ensure surfaces dry fast for the best quality result. Faster drying is gentler on carpets and surfaces and also means you can enjoy your freshly cleaned property as soon as possible.

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